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They decided to be #PoweredbyGaitUp.

Gait Up algorithms have the potential to empower new products and transform diverse industries like sports performance and healthcare with precision motion data insights. We’re still at the start of our journey, and we’re very proud of our early successes so far. Read on to learn about and be inspired by their stories.


Pomocup is the first smart device conceived by and for ski tourers. Easy and practical, the device measures your ski touring data!  Thanks to our advanced algorithms, Pomocup calculates multiple features simultaneously. After launching Pomocup, Pomoca, the Swiss ski mountaineering company, saw sales of related merchandise increase 30% YoY!

“If you forget to train your technique, you’ll miss a big point. Pomocup helps you monitor your biomecanic in order to improve it the next time you go in the mountain.”

Kilian Jornet, Ski montaineering World Champion


MedRhythms digital therapeutics platform for walking is a highly scalable solution for personalized closed loop gait entrainment that provides Rythmic Auditory Stimulation (RAS), traditionally delivered by Neurologic Music Therapists (NMTs), to help people walk better.


“Based on our evaluation, we’ve never seen an inertial measurement system that accurate”

E.Richardson, VP of Product Development


With a footprint in more than 7’000 stores, SIDAS is one of the world leaders in footwear insoles for sports and health. By teaming up with Corpus.e and Gait Up, SIDAS is introducing the perfect shoe fit based on volumetric measurements and dynamic strike analysis.

“By adding Gait Up inertial sensors to its offer, SIDAS clients will benefit from dynamic assessments of walking and running. This will complete the Feetbox analysis and enable us to recommend the most adequate foot solution to our clients.”

David Baudere (R&D Director)

SUB 2HR Marathon

 The SUB2 project team believe a sub 2hr marathon can be achieved within five years by applying a dedicated scientific approach. Gait Up is involved in this challenging project by providing best in class algorithm.


“The technology provided by Gait Up is working beautifuly!”

Prof. Yannis Pitsladis”, Sub2 HR Project Leader

many other ongoing projects !


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Please fill out the request form and we will come back to you shortly!